MMS Portals

We offer an MMS Portal where you can compose and send an MMS message, as well as send a SMS message.

MMS Compilation – drag selected pictures from the Pictures Directory with the cursor into the frame. Next, choose the music or sounds from the Sounds Directory and fix the duration of frame demonstration. Write a text in text field in the bottom part of a frame. The first frame is ready!

Every combination of pictures and sounds is kept within the portal. When you visit MMS Portal for the second time the Portal “recognizes” you and therefore the pictures and sounds you had chosen previously could be found in My Data Directory. You can reserve your frame for use for other portal visitors – tick the box “Share”, and the frame will be copied to the MMS Gallery.

MMS can consist more than of 1 frame. Maximum MMS volume – 30 KB. The size of chosen sound and visual files is reflected to the right of the screen in form of a scale. If a file goes over this volume, you will not be able to drag it into the frame any more. That is to say, the message won’t get too heavy and will surely reach the addressee!

You can send not only pictures and sounds from Directories, but load your own, that are kept safe in My Data Directory, and when you visit the Portal next time, they will be at your disposal! Allowed formats for pictures are JPEG and GIF, for sounds and music – MP3.

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